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1. Photographer for hire - Day rate and speculative photo work and sales

Types of photography covered and how it works.


Action Sports - International Events - Global Locations -

What is covered and how it works:

I deliver exceptional photography for stock, assignment, and ad campaigns. I can guarantee a high quality stock photographic arsenal for your companies advertising and/or marketing purposes.

In addition to industry uses, select events can be placed into one of the worlds largest International Stock Photo Agencies. This insures that any photographed products and/or team members can be circulated for press world wide, upon your approval.

Photographic rates for 2008~2009

Full Day Base Rate: $1500.00/day, and all expenses.

Photo License Use or 1 Year Exclusive Use of Imagery: $1500.00 per image.

Advertisements, Brochures, and Catalogs Usage Fee:
Pricing per one time use of an image may vary depending upon circulation number of the reproduces image:
Front Cover: starts at $3000.00
Back Cover: starts at $2000.00
Double Page: starts at $1500.00
Full Page: starts at $1000.00
Half Page or less: starts at $200.00~$500.00

Posters, Special Photo Projects, and all other needs:
Please contact me for quotes.

Unpublished Photo Credit in Major Publication: +50% of usage fee.

Unauthorized Use of Imagery: +50% of Usage fee. (Be aware, unauthorized use of copyrighted imagery may lead to damages and therefore be subject to legal compensation.)

Photographer Contracts: Negotiated on a job, six-month and one year basis.

Retainer Fee: $1500.00 Retainer per day for all Day Rate and Contract agreements.

Research Fee: $200.00 for submission request, filing and mailing expenses. This fee will be applied towards the total cost fro any negotiated photo uses.

Holding Fee: A compensation fee will be charged for images held longer than 45 days without prior approval. (1% of license use fee per photo per day)

Please contact our offices to make arrangements for day rate and assignment photography work. Thank you.

2. Stock Photo Sales

My Wire Image stock photo gallery and archive offer a wide variety of world-class professional photography available for your advertising, and print needs. Please look through our gallery and feel free to contact our offices for personal assistance in providing you with that image that will deliver the impact of your or your clients LINK

3. Video production

I have over 25 years experience in producing video that compels and educates and I am completely equipped to take on all productions at any scale and deliver a product on time and on budget. With a complete 2 camera system - Video lighting and professional audio production equipment as well as professional editing ability with years of experience with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop allow your production to have a polished and produced look that creates a great impression every time.

  • Documentary
  • Marketing Videos
  • Streaming Video systems
  • Live Web based channels
  • Training Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Television Commercials Television Infomercials
  • Orientation
  • Fundraising
  • Video News Releases
  • Music Videos

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